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What You Can Do For Bed Sores

9 Surprising Things You Can Do for Bed Sores

Immobility of a person causes bedsores. Bedsores are ulcers developed on the skin. Senior or elderly persons are more prone to bedsores. Along with, those who are bedridden being into the state of coma or immobility for different health reasons also prone to bedsores. The reason is that remaining in a specific state for a long, for example – lying in the bed or sitting in a wheelchair because of immobility, can reduce the blood circulation to specific skin area that causes severe sores.

In the case of bedsores, it occurs due to a constant pressure on the specific body part of the skin. At an early stage, the bedsore looks like red in color that soon turns into purple as the time goes. With this, if bedsores are not provided the proper treatment at its early stage of occurrence then these may break open and result into an infection. The infection can further affect other muscle areas among which the common areas are hip, lower back, buttocks, blades and shoulders that may get affected.

In this, there are many home remedies available that you may try to prevent and cure your bedsores and its related problems, as

Change of Positions  

You can frequently change your positions to reduce the stress on specific skin part, for instance

change position for bed sores

  • If you are on wheelchair then you better to change your position every hour with the help of others, in case of need.
  • If you are on bed then you can better use air, water and gel filled cushions to relieve the pressure on a specific skin part. Also try to change your sleeping positions.
  • As per standards, bedridden patients are required to reposition every 2 hours.

Keep Bedsores Clean

Washing up bedsores regularly and keeping them clean help heal faster. The practice also reduces the chances of any infection. Remember…

  • Use mild soap and water to wash the sores
  • Using salt water to clean the affected area advances the healing process
  • As per standards, clean the bedsores twice a day


Zinc is considered effective in improving the immune system that in turn helps in faster wound healing. For this,

  • Intake 15mg of Zinc thrice per day for a quick healing of sores
  • As per the medical suggestion, combining Zinc with meals helps preventing stomach upset

Vitamin C

Proper consumption of Vitamins is vital for the health of blood vessels and skin. Vitamins also possess anti-inflammatory properties. This is why doctors suggests to use

  • 500mg of Vitamin C thrice a day
  • Vitamin C rich foods in your regular and per day diet


Rich in natural antiseptic properties, Goldenseal helps preventing infections and speeds up the healing process of bedsores. You can apply

  • Mixture of teaspoon of Goldenseal powder and oil obtained from 2 capsules of Vitamin E to the affected area thrice a day
  • In case mixture is dry, few drops of olive oil will make it proper

Honey and Sugar

Honey is rich in antiseptic properties that soothes skin while sugar speeds up the healing process of skin.

In this…

  • Wash and clean the wounds properly
  • Prepare a mixture of honey and sugar and apply it to the wounds
  • Use a clean bandage to cover the area

Honey and Turmeric

Honey and Turmeric for bed sores

Turmeric is beneficial with its antibacterial properties while honey soothes the skin.


  • Wash and clean the wounds properly
  • Prepare a mixture of Honey-Turmeric and apply it to the wounds
  • Use a clean bandage to cover the area

Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly supplies enough moisture to the skin and prevents it from getting dry that speeds up the healing process of bedsores. Do this…

  • Apply a proper amount of petroleum jelly on a sterile bandage
  • Now cover the wound with this bandage
  • It helps faster regeneration of the tissues around the wound

Aloe Vera 

aloe vera for bed sores

Aloe Vera also moisturizes the skin and doesn’t let it become dry. These properties of Aloe Vera help preventing further spreading of bedsores and ensure quick healing. For this purpose…

  • Wash and clean the bedsores using water
  • Extract the pulp or gel from Aloe Vera
  • Apply it directly to the wounds twice a day

You can apply these above mentioned home remedies for your bedsores problem and find out the most suitable and effective results. In case, you are not getting the desired results within a week, you are better to consult with an eligible doctor.

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