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Little Known Ways to Cure Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Little Known Ways to Cure Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is becoming the common problem to the world population now. Due to the problem, they are finding it hard to freely move their arm. Reasons are sharp pain, tingling, burning, numbness or weakness in their wrists. Such people even don’t get a comfortable sleep.

natural treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome

Causes for Carpel Tunnel Syndrome include injury, pregnancy and repeated ending and flexing of your wrist. These can narrow down carpal tunnel syndrome – a bony passageway in your wrist. The symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome occur when swollen tissues start squeezing the median nerve. This median nerve goes through the tunnel and causes the pain as far as to your shoulders. Even if CTS – carpal tunnel syndrome is not treated properly, it can cause the nerve damage.

Below are some preventive measures being suggested that may follow to treat your carpal tunnel syndrome problem.  


acupuncture and carpal tunnel

A study has found that people who have treated their mild to moderate carpal tunnel syndrome with acupuncture 8 times in a month get effective relief from their pain than those followed several medications. The work of acupuncture is to reduce the inflammation and relive the nerve’s compression. Study also reveals that CTS do responds to acupuncture.


yoga and carpal tunnel

Yoga helps CTS patients increase their grip strength and allows them skip for pain using wrist splints. Practicing the yoga 60-90 minutes twice a week for 8 weeks proves beneficial in proper body alignment.


botox and carpal tunnel syndrome

Much known for its wrinkle effective attributes, Botox also relieves pain. As Botox can interfere the communication between nerves and muscles, research works are on to explore its CTS curing attributes.


Ice for carpal tunnel syndrome

In case, you consider that your CTS problem is because of repetitive and excessive use of your wrists, you can apply ice on the affected area for 15-20 minutes. The practice is helpful in reducing the swelling and it’s caused pain.


rest for carpal tunnel syndrome

You should take breaks in between the work that involves bending and flexing your wrists. These type of works are knitting and computer. The best practice to give a good rest to your wrists is to avoid playing video games between the works as it will help easing mild to moderate carpal tunnel syndrome.


ergonomic for carpal tunnel syndrome

A study reveals that your elbow should bend at 90 degree to the keyboard and your fingers should rest lightly on keys. The study further adds that you should avoid frequent bending and flexing of your wrists. You will also get to learn by ergonomics about how to position your wrist correctly and perform actions with ease.


self massage for carpal tunnel syndrome

You are better to message your palm, wrist and fingers. A study reports that message should start from finger-tip and go through your palm and wrists for 5-10 minutes twice a day. The practice is beneficial in relieving and curing your CTS problem.

These practices for relieving and treating carpal tunnel syndrome are highly effective. Even these are tested and proven by labs and doctors. So you can follow these to ease and treat your CTS problem along with prevention of its future occurrence.

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