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The Alkaline Acid Diet Review

The Alkaline Diet – A Health & Nutrition Guide to Keep Your Weight & Diet Right

No doubt there are many brands available in the market boasting of helping you shedding your excessive weight but actually there are none true to their words and works. In this, an effective assistance is coming in form of this health and nutrition based eBook of The Alkaline Diet created by Emma DeAngela, a long enthusiast of doing healthy practices.

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About The Author  

Emma, the creator of this program is a well recognizable figure in the field of health and nutrition. This eBook of her is the outcome of long done research on each and every aspect of living a balanced lifestyle.

The Alkaline Diet

This having healthy dieting based guide works on two aspects of pH balance available in human body as if alkaline pH is balanced, it is healthy for the human body and if it is not that means acidic pH is increasing into the proportion and it is totally unhealthy for the human body. All in all, this eBook clears about the basic chemistry of the human body.

Have a glimpse of what this eBook suggests about the pH level in human body:

  • pH = 0, totally acidic
  • pH = 7, neutral
  • pH = 14, totally alkaline

Furthermore, the pH balance in human body varies as

  • pH balance of blood veins = 7.35 – 7.45, a little more alkaline
  • pH balance of stomach (with gastric acid) = 3.5, more acidic

Benefits of An Alkaline Diet

The alkaline diet can advantage you in multiple ways, as:

  • Promotes alkaline urine pH
  • Promotes Potassium/Sodium ratio
  • Promotes hormone growth in the body
  • Promotes intra-cellular magnetism
  • Promotes magnesium to activate Vitamin D
  • Promotes chemotherapeutic agents

Functions of the Alkaline Diet

This perfect dieting program works on the following approach that:

  • Eating fruits and green vegetables supplies required nutrients  to your body.
  • Consuming less or none processed foods removes toxins from your body.
  • Limiting the amount of protein means you’re consuming less fat.

Eligibility for the Alkaline Diet

Those who

  • Trying to lose weight.
  • Trying to cure cancer naturally.
  • Trying to improve eating habits.
  • Trying to eliminate food allergy.

Price to Pay

There is a subscription scheme in run to get free of cost newsletter for 5 days. You have to make hurry as the free subscriptions are very limited in numbers now and almost going to close soon.

Guarantee & Support 

The program is based upon scientific researches and studies, thus is combined with proven and tested methodologies.

While subscribers will be provided with the essential contact details for further communication in case they have any issues or queries regarding the product and its use.  


This dieting guide is well written about right kind of lifestyle that starts from the good combination of healthy eating and proper consuming. And, if you are eating enough nutrients then there is no chance that your body is going to lack in getting what it desires to stay fit and active for a long without having any fat.

That’s it!

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