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Osteoporosis Diet – A Bone Builder

Prevent Osteoporosis through Osteoporosis Diet and Lifestyle

The term of Osteoporosis reflects about physical condition of fragile bones, risk of wrist, hip or spine fractures. For this, non-invasive and painless screening tests of for measuring bone mineral density, also called BMD as an abbreviated term of the aforesaid, for hip, spine, wrist or heel. Commonly thought as a problem more relevant with the women, Osteoporosis also affects men.

Osteoporosis Diet and Healthy Lifestyle

The time considered right for diagnosis is when BMD dips down substantially than what of an average amount of BMD for youths. A quite similar and relevant condition refers to Osteopenia for low bone mass helps indicating low BMD. A study conducted shows the stats of 10 million Americans over 50 years of age are deceased with Osteoporosis while another count of 34 million with Osteopenia.

Counting on number of facts identified that contribute in developing Osteoporosis in individuals, are


Very true it is what has been keep saying and suggesting by the physicians and our forefathers that our bones get stronger by physical activity and get weaker if you are sedentary. In this, sorts of exercises are quite helpful in keeping the bone mass up and up to the required level as well. These exercises can well be counted on running, dancing, walking or stair climbing. Along with, strength training also increases force that muscles exert on bones.

how to prevent osteoporosis with diet

A moderate intense activity physically per day, having weight exercise and strength training for the duration of 30 minutes bi-weekly, helps improving balance and preventing falls.


As a clear fact of an inadequate intake of calcium during the stages of childhood and adolescence, it affects the bone mass adversely and prevent an optimal peak bone mass. While an inadequate intake in adults causes a bone loss and accelerates Osteoporosis development. However, well known advantages of calcium intake towards bone health is not limited to having its adequate amount for a proper bone mass maintenance but consumption of calcium supplements also helps in avoiding osteoporosis and osteoporotic fracture.

diet for osteoporosis sufferers

A per day intake for calcium of 1300 mg for teenagers and 1000 mg for over adults over 50 years of age along with 1200 mg for adults over 50 years of age is advisable.

Vegetables & Fruits 

As a rich source for Potassium, Magnesium and Vitamin K along with other several nutrients, vegetables and fruits are considered crucial for a stronger and healthy bones, especially those containing a good amount of potassium can lower the risk of fracture in old agers while those rich in bicarbonate ions helps preserving calcium in bones.

management of osteoporosis with fruits and vegetables

At least 5 servings a day of differently colored veggies and fruits are advisable while at least 7 servings of the same are advisable for teenage and adult women along with 9 servings for adult men.

It may happen that modified lifestyle does not help in osteoporosis or osteoporotic fracture prevention, yet, several highly effective modifications are well available now on National Osteoporosis Foundation’ web site, a resourceful medium for information and treatment for Osteoporosis that you can visit on and can get benefited with as well.

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