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How to Avoid Kidney Stones – 9 Tips

9 Surprising Things You Can Do To Prevent Kidney Stones Naturally

Kidney stones are also recognized with the other names of renal lithiasis and calculi. The main cause for the problem of kidney stone is the formation of small mineral crystals in kidney to urinary tract. Here those small crystals are expelled during urination. But it also happens that these small crystals somehow manage to stay in kidney. This causes the trouble as they form a kidney stone joining other small crystals. The substances these small crystals contain are calcium oxalate or calcium phosphate or both. If you are experiencing the problem of kidney stones then you should not delay in consulting with a doctor or urologist as they can suggest the needed treatments.

With this, you also can try some home-made remedies to cure your kidney stone problem, as:

1. Drink needful of water and other fluids

The more water you will drink, the more you will urinate. And the process will also help the body pass the kidney stones by the urination. Doctors also recommend that drinking a plenty amount of water is required to eliminate kidney stones from your body.

how to dissolve kidney stones naturally

  • As per the study done by institute of medicine, men are suggested to drink 13 cups or 3 liters of water per day while women are better to drink 9 cups or 2.2 liter of water per day.
  • You can check by the color of the urine whether you are drinking plenty of liquids or not.
  • As light yellow and white colors of urine indicated that you are drinking enough fluids.
  • You can also drink low sugar lemonade as it contains citric acid that helps in prevention for new kidney stone formations.
  • Lemonade also keeps you well hydrated.

2. Take medication for pain only if it is much needed

Only if it is highly necessary to take medication for pain then you are can take nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs. These come in different forms like ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin), naproxen (Aleve) or aspirin. These NSAIDs are common in use. But here is a precaution for those under the age of 18 as they should avoid aspirin that can cause acute brain damage to the underage persons, as mentioned.

Taking medicine for kidney stone pain relief

  • In case, you are suffering from a large and painful kidney stone, you are better to consult with the doctor.

3. You should know the time to see a doctor

It is a fact that most of the kidney stone problems are cured by having patience and drinking plenty of fluids. Only 15% of the total are needed to be diagnosed and cured by doctors. And you should know that you need a doctor if,

  • You have UTIs or urinary tract infections. The infection goes worst the time it is introduced.
  • In the cases like you have gone through a kidney transplant in the past or you have a faulty immune system or you currently have only 1 kidney.
  • If you are pregnant then your treatment depends on the pregnancy trimester.
  • If you feel that your kidney stone is obstructing urinary tract or reduced urine flow or urination mostly at night or side pain.

4. Drink plenty of water & fluids

It is the most suggested remedy for the cure of kidney stones. So you should drink a good amount of water in a day. By the color of the urine you can see whether you are taking enough amount of fluids or not. Like light yellow and white shows that you taking the right amount of fluids while dark yellow shows that you should drink more fluids.

lemon juice kidney stones remedy

  • As suggested above you can take lemonade or limeade that are low in sugar. Even you can prepare these at home.
  • The availability of citric acid in these is helpful in prevention of crystals from becoming large sized kidney stones.
  • You should avoid dark bears that can contribute in the formation of future kidney stones.

5. Avoid sugar, soda & corn syrup

Sugar disturbs body’s natural ability to digest calcium and magnesium that can cause future kidney stones. Table sugar and fructose corn syrup are considered responsible for increasing risk for kidney stones. So if you are suffering from kidney stones, you should cut down the sugar consumption.

avoid sodas if you have kidney stones

  • Avoid consumption of citrus acid based sodas like 7UP & Sprite. In case you prefer soda intake, you should intake clear soda but only occasionally that can increase the citric acid intake in your body.

6. Do regular workout

Exercise done every day for 30 minutes is beneficial in kidney stone prevention. Study shows that regular workout can reduce the kidney stone risk by 31%.

regular workout to avoid kidney stone

  • You suitably can do walking, jogging or gardening.
  • 30 minutes spend on exercise for 5 days a week can prevent future kidney stone formation.

7. Limit daily intake of animal protein to 6 ounces or less

Intake of animal protein especially red meat causes the increase of kidney stone risk. It is particularly responsible for uric acid stones. You can take animal protein in the quality of 6 ounces a day or less that helps in lowering down the risk of future kidney stone formation.

protein foods for kideny stone

  • The forms of animal protein like red meat, organ meat and shell fish are rich in purine, a substance found in these.
  • Eggs and fish also contain purine but in lesser amount than found in red meats and shellfish.
  • You can take protein from calcium rich dairy and legumes.
  • Legumes are rich in fiber and phytate that is a compound helps preventing future kidney formation.
  • Kidney patients should also avoid the intake of soybeans.

8. Consume a good amount of calcium

The studies reveal that though kidney stones are formed with calcium yet a good amount of calcium intake can help reducing future risk of kidney stones. For this you can intake dairy products like milk, yogurt, cheese and others to fulfill your daily calcium requirements.

how calcium intake helps in kidney stone diet chart

  • The calcium need for 4-8 years old children is 1000mg/day. For 9-18 years old children – 1300mg/day. And for adults and older – 1000mg/day. For women aged 50 and above and men aged 70 and above require 1200mg/day.
  • You should avoid taking calcium supplement as these increase the risk of future kidney stone development. Though the amount of calcium you take by having your regular diet has no adverse effect on your kidney stones

9. Consume low in oxalate diet

The common types of kidney stone are made of calcium oxalate. So you should avoid high in oxalate foods to prevent future kidney stone formation. You are better to limit oxalate consumption 40-50mg/day.

Low Oxalate Diet For Kideny Stone

  • As calcium and oxalate are more bind to each other, you should intake both the diets at the same time. This helps in future kidney stone formation having oxalate diet.
  • Foods rich in oxalate are – berries, nuts, wheat, grapes, beans, tangerines, beets, carrots, eggplant, potato, pepper, celery, figs, leeks, olives, spinach, okra and zucchini
  • High in oxalate beverages (more than 10mg/serving) are – black tea, chocolate beverages, instant coffee, dark beer and soy beverages
  • You should avoid vitamin C supplements because your body may produce oxalate from these supplements.

Along with the above mentioned preventive measures, you should also be a good vigilant of your lifestyle in case you have history of kidney stones behind you. And if you already have gone through the kidney stone treatment in the past then you are more likely at future kidney stone risk. As is better said that prevention is the best cure so you are better to follow a healthy lifestyle with the right mix of healthy activities of dieting, resting, working and doing helpful exercises.

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