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8 Mind Power Habits Review

8 Mind Power Habits – A Guide on Freeing Out Untapped Potential of Human Brain

Is it you who is controlling your brain or is it your brain which is controlling you? If the answer is that you are controlling your brain then it is the most good but the most worst otherwise. The solution lies in adopting helpful practices to keep your brain all calm and composed and most importantly in your control. For this purpose, an effective solution is being provided in form of this eBook of 8 Mind Power Habits, a creation of Hypnotherapist Dr. Steve Jones.

8 Mind Power Habits Review

About The Author 

A Hypnotherapist by profession, Dr. Jones is a well set name in the field of controlling mind powers in favor of human being so they may better aware with the hidden potentials of our brain. His current work of 8 Mind Power Habits is no exception and benefiting his followers with the insightful knowledge of keeping your mind on the right track.

8 Mind Power Habits    

This eBook focuses on the controlling powers of human mind but in the way supposed to be. Human mind should control all the human activities in synchronization with human desires that reflects an appropriate functioning of the human mind working in the welfare of the human beings. Whatever it is – human actions or emotions, these should get a favorable support from human brain to get executed as these should be.

Components of 8 Mind Power Habits

As its name suggests, this guide on utilizing mind powers better is comprised of 8 parts, as

  • Part 1: The Subconscious Mind – About advocating the energy even remains stored inside subconscious mind that we don’t use often
  • Part 2: The Conscious Mind – About controlling the conscious mind, you’ll be able to block the negative forces affecting you
  • Part 3: Self Awareness – About the decisions our mind make put a great impact on us
  • Part 4: Concentrate – About the knowledge of occurrence of many things simultaneously that makes it hard for our mind to concentrate on one
  • Part 5: Goal Setting – About importance of setting your mind on one goal to achieve
  • Part 6: Enhanced Creativity – About creativity of our mind is not limited and we should keep increasing it
  • Part 7: The Power Of Your Thoughts – About tending our mind think more positively than negatively
  • Part 8: The Universal Mind – About helping our mind to find its powers

Price to Pay

The price schemes for this online tutorial are:

  • For Transcript Version Only – $17 (53+ page digital PDF)
  • For Full Audio & Transcript Version – $37 (all 8 audio modules + digital PDF)
  • For Audio Version Only – $37 (all 8 audio modules)

And you can preferably grab these deals on its reliable retails seller site of ClickBank.com.

Guarantee & Support

There is 60 days money back guarantee being provided against every purchase of this eBook to ensure its buyers about their risk free investment.

Along with, buyers are also provided with useful contact details for further communication in case they have any queries or issues regarding this eBook and its use.


A human mind contains unlimited potential inside to be untapped. And once you get the success in freeing out the potentials of your mind, it fills in you immense caliber, creativity, curiosity and captivity. So, its time to learn the Habits of Successful People.

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