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3 Minute Meditations Review

3 Minute Meditations – An eBook on 3 Minute Turnaround of Your Life

The life comes with many complexities. Count on different emotions, tough situations, unfavorable conditions, and other ups and downs. These are just a glimpse of what low and high ride life actually is. Even more than that, say. It is really hard to get up, find the way and move forward, in similar scenarios. In this, an eBook of 3 Minute Meditations, by Adam Michael Brewer, is now available to suggest you best.

3 Minute Guided Meditations

Calm and Relax Your Mind With 3 Minute Meditations

About The Author

Adam works on multiple profiles like certified wellness coach, meditation guide and mind/body specialist. He is an USA citizen and an active face among renowned health & fitness fraternity.

3 Minutes Meditations 

This is an online tutorial based on wellness of mind, body and soul. The program adopts a simple and straight approach towards keeping you in an appropriate balance. The program is divided into easy to follow steps with simple language so that everyone can go through it, understand it and implement it, in the way expected. You’ll definitely feel the much needed turnaround to your overall persona.

Parts of 3 Minutes Meditations

These following components makes the complete package of this eBook, as

  • The 3MM Book & 28-Day Challenge – About life changing transforming technologies.
  • 3 Minute Meditations “Done-For-YouAudio Accelerator Package – About guided audio meditations.

It includes 9 audio packages, as

  1. 3-Minute International Meditation: about decreasing anxiety and stress.
  2. 3-Minute Oneness Meditation: about your connection to source energy.
  3. 3-Minute Contemplative Meditation: about spiritualizing the intellect.
  4. 3-Minute Existential Meditation: about questions to your existence
  5. 3-Minute Om Meditation: about 3 minute listening to mantra “Om”.
  6. 3-Minute Radical Forgiveness Meditation: about experiencing freedom and joy.
  7. 3-Minute Awareness Meditation: about opening doorways to be more available.
  8. 3-Minute Heart Meditation: about love, harmony and peace.
  9. 3-Minute Healing Meditation: about deep healing for ourselves and for the planet.
  • Well Being Workbook – About things to do consistently and as a lifestyle.

It includes:

  • Positive Affirmation
  • Visualization Exercises
  • Hug Meditation
  • Meditative Walks
  • Breathing Exercises

Price to Pay

The monthly access to this program is available on $15 per unit. You, preferably, can grab your deal from its official website.

Guarantee & Support

A 60 days money back guarantee is being provided against the purchase of access to this guide to ensure its buyers about their risk free investment.

Along with, buyers are also provided with useful contact details for further communication in case they have any issues or queries regarding this guide and its use.


This life changing online guide of 3 Minute Meditations is packed with many life changing experiences that are really going to prove an overall turnaround for you. All in all, the product is a must buy and you should not miss the deal on 3 minute meditations guidebook since there is nothing to loose.

3 Minute Meditations Download

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